Cogeco Wi-Fi. Home Wi-Fi just got smarter

home wi-fi just got smarter home wi-fi just got smarter

Introducing our new Wi-Fi technology, featuring next-generation equipment.

Enjoy optimized Wi-Fi coverage everywhere in your home with the latest AC Wi-Fi modem and powerful extenders.

Get faster speeds.

Enjoy ultrafast speeds on multiple devices.

With our smarter Wi-Fi solution, your whole family gets a strong wireless signal, even during peak hours.

Our Wi-Fi adapts to your needs by choosing the right frequency automatically.

Depending on your Internet activity, you will be connected to either the 2.4 GHz band (for better coverage) or the 5 GHz band (for faster speeds).

Get better, more reliable coverage.

Reduce interference from other wireless devices.

Your neighbour’s Wi-Fi, baby monitors, and more can affect your connection. Your device is always connected to the least-crowded channel, so you get the best Wi-Fi possible.

Your old devices don’t slow down your network.

Our smarter Wi-Fi solution does this for you by providing faster wireless connections to all of your latest, more powerful devices.

Our professional support makes our smarter Wi-Fi even better.

We optimize your Wi-Fi everywhere in your home.

A technician will do a complete assessment of your home, and will install the modem, and any necessary extenders, in locations that ensure optimal coverage.

Best-in-class support, 24/7.

Our expert technicians are always available to help, whatever you need.

The cutting-edge equipment behind our smartest Wi-Fi

AC Wi-Fi modem

This modem features the latest in wireless Internet technology.

  • Next-generation AC Wave 2 MU-MIMO modem.
  • Dual band, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
  • Offers better reliability for several users connected all at once.
  • Offers lightning fast speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

Included with our UltraFibre 60 Unlimited Internet package and up.

AC Wi-Fi extenders

Combined with the AC Wi-Fi modem, they bring you the best Wi-Fi experience everywhere in your home.

  • No more wireless "dead zones" in your home.
  • Our professional technicians ensure it’s installed in the best possible location.
  • Available with the UltraFibre 60 Unlimited Internet package and up.

per extender

Following your home assessment by a technician, get up to 2 extenders at no extra cost with the UltraFibre 360 ​​and 1Gig Internet packages.

Switch to a superior Wi-Fi experience.

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